Gusar fulfilled the contract for the provision of services to Gazprom Geologorazvedka LLC

The Gusevskiy Valves Plant Gusar represented by a subsidiary company LLC Gusar New Technologies has fulfilled the contract for the provision of services to supply, install, dismantle and maintain wellhead connections equipment.
       When performing maintenance works, a single unit wellhead with POS-GRIP sealing technology was used, which is designed to seal the wellhead during drilling and construction of offshore wells. The unique POS-GRIP technology provides reliable metal-to-metal sealing and reduces the time required for equipment installation.
       As part of the Agreement implementation, on the basis of Gusar New Technologies LLC, a service division has been created, including Russian specialists. The service staff received the required training and certification for working with the POS-GRIP a single unit wellhead manufactured by Plexus Ocean System Ltd, based at the company in Aberdeen, Scotland.
       Personnel certification was also carried out in accordance with the requirements of IWCF, WellCAP, WellSharp, BOSIET, FOET and Rostekhnadzor.
       The service personnel of the company Gusar New Technologies LLC successfully completed all the works in accordance with the procedures for the installation, tripping in, dismantling of the single unit wellheads.
       After completion of the work, the equipment was dismantled from the jackup rig (SPBU) and delivered to the production site of Gusar LLC.
       As part of the wellhead manufacture localization, the technical and service specialists will perform service maintenance and required repair and recovery operations at the manufacturing facilities of Gusar LLC.

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