Gusar New Technologies acquired cold cut equipment

Gusar New Technologies (a subsidiary of the LLC Gusar) according to the wellhead piping service contract, one of the points of which is the use of modern technologies in the work, purchased equipment for casing cold cutting — USS Glamshell Portable Lathes machine) from Scottish company Mactech.
       At the end of April 2019, Gusar New Technologies service specialists were trained in specialized courses for working with this equipment in the city of Aberdeen (Scotland) and received official certificates from the manufacturer Mactech.
       “During the offshore wells construction for cutting large-diameter casing strings, cold cutting tools are used, since hot work on this site is prohibited by industrial safety techniques,” explains Yury Gorobchenko, head of the GNT LLC service department. “Therefore, in our work, we use the USS Glamshell Portable Lathes, as this is a tool which not only performs cold cutting, but it is also mobile and does not require additional equipment in terms of installation. This equipment is easily installed by hand, quickly and with great accuracy cuts off thick-walled pipes, forms a bevel edge at a given angle.
       It is worth reminding that in the middle of April of this year, Gusar New Technologies LLC signed an agreement for the provision of services for the trip down, installation and dismantling of the Mudline System (Bottom Suspension System) and the wellhead connection equipment for the construction of the offshore prospecting and appraisal wells in 2019. The GNT LLC service department will provide services.





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