LLC Gusar and LLC Gazprom 335 signed an agreement for service maintenance of the mudline system

Gusevsky Valves Plant Gusar represented by Gusar New Technologies, the subsidiary company, and the LLC Gazprom 335 signed an agreement for the provision of services for making trip in, installation and dismantling of the Mudline System and wellhead connection equipment next year. The services division of the LLC Gusar New Technologies will provide services. Earlier, the companies agreed on supply in 2019 the Mudline systems, produced by the Gusar plant, for the construction of an exploration and appraisal well on the license area of the Kara Sea shelf.
       When performing the service works, a single unit POS-GRIP wellhead will be used, which is designed to seal the wellhead during drilling and construction of the offshore wells. The unique POS-GRIP technology ensures a reliable metal-to-metal sealing and reduces the time required for equipment installation.
       The use of equipment with POS-GRIP technology allows optimizing a number of technological processes for the purposes of drilling in difficult geological and climatic conditions of the Arctic and meets the highest standards of reliability. In this regard, the choice in favor of Plexus technology is the best technical solution for well drilling in terms of performance, reliability and safety, confirmed by many years of experience in the use of equipment.
       It is worth reminding that the plant Gusar has been implementing a project for the localization of equipment used for drilling and construction of the offshore wells on the shelf - Mudline System - since 2015 under license from the Scottish company Plexus. Serial production of equipment has been organized since the first quarter of 2019.

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