Gusar helps the Vladimir region in the employment of residents

On January 25, Gusevsky Valves Plant Gusar was rewarded with appreciation from the Labor and Employment Department of the Vladimir Region Administration and a badge of honor for active participation in the implementation of state policy in the field of employment promotion on the basis of performance results in 2018. The award was presented to the plant during an extended meeting “On the implementation of measures to promote employment in the municipality during 2018 and tasks for 2019”, which was held in the administration of the town of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region, under the chairmanship of Andrei Gennadievich Grigoriev, the director of the Labor and Employment department of the Vladimir Region administration.
       The meeting discussed issues of employment for the region residents, of the state program to support enterprises in raising the skills of pre-retirement age employees and much more.
       The Gusar plant at the meeting was represented by Irina Kokotkina, HR Director, and Nikolai Makarov, Deputy Technical Director for Personnel Training.
       In his report, Nikolai Ivanovich spoke about the main ideas that were laid in the base of the plant program “Mentoring”, about internal training and the continuous development of technical personnel as part of the in-house Training Center operation at the factory. Also he told about the program of dual education in collaboration with leading universities in the region.
       — To maintain high qualification of personnel potential, on the basis of the plant, the LLC Gusar established a Training Center which operates within the framework of the Internal Training and Adaptation Program for new employees (interns). The Training Center provides trainees with the opportunity to master a new profession demanded by the LLC Gusar, as well as to employees involved in the main production, to improve their professional level or to fill in the missing knowledge and skills.
       Today, under the Training Center program, about 20 people are trained and undergo internships: CNC machine operators, machine operators of the universal machinery fleet, QC inspectors, welders, surfacing welders, finishing and honing operators.

If you want to get a new profession or improve your own qualifications, the plant Gusar invites you to get training followed up with further employment.

Contact person related to the training issues is Nikolay Makarov,
tel. +7 (49241) 3-24-30 (ext. 467)

Contact person related to the employment issues is Irina Kokotkina,
tel .: +7 (499) 553-00-33 (ext. 580), +7 (49241) 3-77-00

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