Gusar became the official partner of Dynamo-Moscow Football Club

The Valves Plant Gusar (the town of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir region,) and the Dynamo-Moscow football club announce the start of cooperation. As an official partner, Gusar Co. gets the right to use the branding and logo of the Dinamo-Moscow football club for its promotional purposes and official events, the right to place the Gusar corporate logo on promotional materials at home matches of the regular and youth teams of the club, and will also take part in side events with the participation of the club football players and officials.

Dmitry BEREZKIN, Executive Director of the Gusar plant:
We pay great attention to sports in the company, regularly hold corporate tournaments, and support sporting events in the town and region. Dynamo-Moscow FC is a bright and forward edge football club in our country, which brings up a huge number of talented athletes. We stand for sport and its development in Russia. In addition, we certainly believe in our football. The World Cup, which took place this year in our country, proved to everyone that Russia has a bright football future. Therefore, we are interested in cooperation with the Dynamo football club, and we are happy that we will be able to participate in the development of domestic football.

Sergey FEDOROV, General Director of Dynamo-Moscow FC:
Definitely, it is a real pleasure to learn that in such economically challenging times, we manage to conclude mutually beneficial sponsorship and partnership agreements. I especially want to note that Dynamo begins cooperation with a young domestic company, which is a leader in its industry and pays great attention to the quality of goods and services. We share these values, so I am convinced that both sides will benefit from the partnership of Dynamo-Moscow FC with Gusar LLC.

About Dynamo-Moscow FC:
Dynamo is a Russian football club from Moscow that took part in all the championships of the top division of the USSR. Until 2016, it also participated in all Russian championships in the top division. Dynamo is one of the most successful Russian clubs with regard to the number of titles over its entire history: 11-time Champion and 7-time winner of the National Cup. Among the currently existing Russian teams, Dynamo is one of the oldest teams. In the 1971/72 season, Dynamo became the first club from the Soviet Union, which managed to reach the European Cup final. In 1963, Lev Yashin, Dynamo goalkeeper, received one of the highest awards in world football the Golden Ball.

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