Gusar at PMGF-2018

Today, Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar LLC will make a presentation at PJSC Gazprom Industry Technology Development Meeting to be held as part of the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (PMGF-2018@gasforum).
       The presentation will focus on the problem of localization of the offshore drilling and well construction technology, including the Mud-Line System and landing head by Gusar. The company will be represented by its CEO Mr. Dmitry Berezkin and Offshore Technology Design Department Head Mr. Boris Lonkin.
        “This September, we signed a contract for the supply of the Mudline system to PJSC Gazprom in 2019 and for offshore exploration drilling services,” says Mr. Dmitry Berezkin. “The implementation of this project will open up new opportunities to participate in the exploration drilling program on the Russian continental shelf.”
       The mudline suspension system manufactured by Gusar LLC under the license from Plexus plc. is the most advanced in the world and provides maximum efficiency and safety in the construction of offshore wells, which is an important factor for operations in the Arctic.

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