Gusar Products among Russia’s 100 Best Products

Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar won the contest Russia’s 100 Best Products.
       2091 products by 1338 producers were submitted to the federal stage of the contest. Of these, only 732 were nominated in the contest’s six categories. Gusar was one of the winners and won the contest’s highest award for its gate valve TU 3741-003-54634853-2008. Another diploma was awarded to Gusar for the high quality of its ball valve DN 50-1200 PN 1.6-16.0 MPa. Based of the company's achievements, Gusar also received the Quality Badge of Honor, which is given to representatives of companies whose products won an award or diploma at the contest.
       Mr. Alexander Berezkin, CEO at Gusar LLC, stressed that the desire to ensure the highest quality of products is the cornerstone underlying all operations of a large corporation, such as Gusar: "Only high-quality products are able to compete on the Russian valve market, and for this, we are doing everything possible, and sometimes even impossible."






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