Gusar to Participate in the Week without Turnstiles Campaign

From April 18 to 26, Gusar opens doors to schoolchildren and students of Gus-Khrustalny within the framework of the nationwide campaign Week without Turnstiles, held in Russia since 2015. The idea of the campaign is very simple — to introduce students to the main industrial sites in the region. The campaign is part of a larger project Work in Russia. This year, Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar LLC officially joined the campaign.
       "Within the framework of the campaign, we offer an interesting and diverse program of events designed for both students and schoolchildren with parents, as well as instructors of our partner colleges and schools," said Ms. Natalya Golovatyuk, HR Director at Gusar. “We operate a manufacturing site and have extensive experience, which we are willing to share with future workforce members.
During the week, various professional master classes, open lectures by experienced professionals, designers, and engineers, quizzes and contests for schoolchildren and parents, and much more will be held on Gusar’s premises.”
       On April 23, the round table New Generation Human Resources will be held in cooperation with Chekhlov Technology College in Gus-Khrustalny and with the support of Vladimir Region’s Department of Education. The event will be attended by representatives of the Department of Education, the Department of Professional Education at Novikova Vladimir Institute of Education Development, school principals, final year students considering applying for a job at Gusar LLC, college students and instructors, mentors at Gusar.
       “The campaign Week without Turnstiles is a good initiative,” commented Mr. Alexander Berezkin, CEO at Gusar LLC. “Students visit a real-life manufacturing plant, where they can observe all the processes, talk to experienced engineers and operators, get the necessary experience and skills of operating a particular machine.”

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