New Generation HR for Gusar

New Generation Human Resources was the central topic of the round table held at Gusar on April 23 as part of the nationwide campaign Week without Turnstiles. The meeting was attended by representatives of Vladimir Regionís Department of Education, employment services of Gus-Khrustalny, Gus-Khrustalny Technology College, Gusevo Glass Technology College, as well as the cityís school principals, final year high school students considering applying for a job at Gusar LLC, college students and instructors, mentors at Gusar.
       The participants discussed the current state of the regionís human resources ó what skills are currently expected of the workforce, how skilled professionals are trained at technology colleges, whether the existing education system contributes to an understanding by students of their professional identity, how the mentoring system is performing, recruitment programs for recent graduates offered by employment services, and much more. Mr. A.A. Berezkin, CEO at Gusar LLC, shared in his welcoming speech the experience of mentoring and cooperation with Chekhlov Technology College.
       Before the meeting, the participants were given a guided tour of Gusarís training area, where the students of the Technology College demonstrated their professional skills as part of a master class led by Mr. Nikolay Makarov, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Technical Training, at Gusar LLC.

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