Gusar Attended an Education Forum

For the first time ever, Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar participates in the Russian International Youth Forum Territory of Meanings, held annually since 2015 in Vladimir Region, not far from the river Klyazma. The summer forum is, as usual, organized the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). This year, Gusar joined the youth community to do some networking with the young talents.
       "The purpose of our participation in the Forum is recruitment," explained Ms. Tatiana Tsyganova, Human Resources Director at Gusar. “This is a great opportunity to talk to the future graduates, learn about their career plans for the future, and present the company and the opportunities that we offer. We have been partnering with the leading universities of Vladimir Region for several years within the framework of the dual education system. Many past graduates became some of our best employees. In addition, this year we opened a new foundry in Gus-Khrustalny, which, in terms of technology and innovation, is comparable with its large European counterparts. Therefore, today we are actively searching for highly skilled workforce, including talented and promising future graduates.”
       This year, the Forum is organized into 6 thematic sessions, each of which has its own education content. Therefore, the visitors had a great opportunity to choose a specialization they like and explore new knowledge, experiences, and start building a professional network. We wish them good luck!




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