Transneft Visited Gusar Exhibition Booth

On September 5, a joint working meeting was held in Kovrov District, Vladimir Region, by Vladimir Region Government and the region’s businesses with a delegation of PJSC Transneft led by its Vice-President Mr. Pavel Revel-Muroz. The central topics of the meeting included cooperation as part of the import substitution program, product quality, and procurement. Gusar was represented by its CEO Mr. Alexander Berezkin.
       As it is customary for events of this kind, an exhibition was held of the industrial potential of Vladimir Region. Gusar presented some of the equipment manufactured to Transneft’s specifications. The two companies have been partnering since 2009. The product range includes gate valves DN 100-800, PN 1.6-10.0 MPa, wedge gate valves DN 50-1000, PN 1.6-25.0 MPa, and ball valves for oil pipelines DN 300-1200 PN 1.6-10.0 MPa. The two companies launched a joint research and development program for import substitution purposes back in 2011. As a result, mass production of safety valves complete with a pneumatic control system and shut-off ball valves was launched.
       “Our companies share a long history of partnership and cooperation. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the first shipment of wedge gate valves to the oil company,” said Mr. Alexander Berezkin. “We have been working together a lot to ensure the high quality of the products, improve the technology, in the field of R&D and import substitution. I looking forward to the new joint projects that the future will bring.

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