Gusar Joins a Manufacturing Practices Exchange Program

Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar LLC took part in the first stage of a Russian national program for the exchange of best practices for increasing the productivity of labor, held in Ryazan Region on September 6-7 at the region’s two major manufacturing sites. The event, organized by the Russian People's Front and the Center for the Monitoring of Industry Development, brought together representatives of 30 Russian businesses for a series of workshops and training.
       "We fully support this initiative and believe that it is the exchange of experience between Russian companies in all areas of activity that will serve as an impetus to the development of both the business itself and the industry as a whole," commented Mr. Alexander Berezkin, CEO at Gusar LLC. “We attach great importance to increasing labor productivity at our operations and are willing to share our experience. In our work, we aim at quickly implementing new efficient technology solutions — for example, in the manufacture of oil and gas equipment used in subsea drilling and well construction, such as the mudline suspension system, which we produce under the license from the Scottish company Plexus.”
       "Sharing of the best practices for the implementation of effective production systems should be continuous. This will allow hundreds of Russian businesses to quickly learn from the leading companies that have achieved high performance in operations management. This will help bring to life the May Presidential decree on accelerated growth of labor productivity and non-commodity exports, since only efficient companies are capable of getting established on global markets," commented Mr. Ilya Semin, Coordinator of the RPF project Professional Training and Moderator of the RPF forum Labor Productivity and Support to Employment (based on a press release by the Center for the Monitoring of Industry Development).

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