Gusar LLC to Supply Gazprom with Exploratory Drilling Technology for Russian Offshore Operations

Gazprom and Gusar LLC signed a contract for the supply of subsea wellhead equipment for offshore exploratory drilling in Russia
       Gusevo Plant Gusar LLC entered into a contract for the supply to Gazprom PJSC in 2019 of the mudline suspension system equipment and maintenance services for exploratory drilling in the Russian offshore areas. The mudline system is intended for a new prospecting well in an offshore Kara Sea block licensed to PJSC Gazprom.
       “In case of successful performance of the contract in 2019, it will be extended and further deliveries of the equipment will be scheduled in 2020 and onwards,” noted Mr. Alexander Berezkin, CEO at Gusar LLC. “The implementation of this project for the supply of exploration equipment will open up new opportunities to participate in the exploration drilling program on the Russian continental shelf.”
According to Mr. Kirill Molodtsov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, March 28, 2018, No. 64 (7527)), the volume of exploratory drilling in Russia is estimated at 75-80 wells to be constructed between 2018 and 2026, with the drilling activity expected to peak in 2020-2022.
       Back in 2015, as part of the program to reduce the dependence of the Russian industry on imports, Gusar LLC signed a licensing agreement with the Scottish Plexus plc authorizing the localization the manufacture of its mudline suspension system and single-piece drillstring at Gusar’s plant in Gus-Khrustalny, Russia.  
       The mudline suspension system manufactured by Gusar LLC under the license from Plexus plc. is the most advanced in the world and provides maximum efficiency and safety in the construction of offshore wells, which is an important factor for operations in the Arctic.

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