Gusar Took Part in a Working Meeting with Tula Region Government

The discussion was devoted to the most pressing issues of cooperation between the two regions.

On January 30, a delegation of Tula Region Government, headed by the First Deputy Governor and Prime Minister Mr. Yuri Andrianov, made an official visit to Vladimir Region. The main goal of the visit was the development of cooperation between the regions in trade, business, research and development, social and cultural activities.
       At the meeting, Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar was represented by its CEO Mr. Alexander Berezkin who held a presentation on innovative technologies in the development of the import substitution industry featuring case studies of successful cooperation with state corporations. Mr. Berezkin told about the implementation process of the import substitution program at the plant, the launch in 2018 of a new foundry plant, and the development of new equipment types in cooperation with industry members such as Transneft and Gazprom.

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