Recognized Quality of Gusar Products

Quality deserves recognition. Gussar became the winner of the quality contest Vladimir Label 2016.
Gusar's products — shutoff valves with manual and electric drive, ball valves, slide valves for X-mas and injection trees — won in the regional quality contest Vladimir Label — 2016 in the nomination Industrial Products. This year, 24 businesses active in Vladimir Region sent contest applications in 32 product categories. The main criteria for selecting the winners were reliability, safety, durability, and environmental friendliness of products. Also the warranty period, customer satisfaction, and compliance were considered.   
       "We have always worked and will continue to work hard for the quality of our products," commented Mr. Alexander Berezkin, CEO at Gusar. "Therefore, this award is very important to us — it is a recognition of the responsible and competent daily work by Gusar's team. In a year, we plan to open our own foundry in Gus-Khrustalny to be confident in the quality of our castings and to be able to control all stages of the product cycle. This is another step toward improving the quality, and we intent to make this step in the near future.  
       Vladimir Label is a regional product quality contest organized by the regional authorities, the State Regional Center for Standardization of Metrology and Testing in Vladimir Region, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vladimir Region. It has been held since 2000. Its goal is to raise public awareness of the achievements of the region's industry, motivate producers to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products. Vladimir Label evidences that the product was made in Vladimir Region and is of high quality.



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