Technology and equipment

High technology level and modern production facilities allowed Gusar to launch mass production of pipe fittings meeting the most stringent Russian and international standards. In the manufacturing process, metal-cutting machines by leading European and Russian manufacturers are used. 


Horizontal machining centers

TREVISAN DS 300/70с, 450/130с, 600/200с, 900/300с, 1200/450с

23 units

Turn-milling centers Biglia Smart Turn 1200 S

8 units

Horizontal machining centers Niigata (Japan)

6 units

Horizontal machining centers MAHO (Germany)

7 units

High-speed five-axis portal machining center

mod. RB-150F

1 unit

Turn-milling metal machining center SNK EXL 80

5 units

Lathe machines 16A20F3, 16M30F30, 1P756DF3 with CNC PICODUE

19 units

Automatic coil welding and body welding machine ShK

2 units

Radiographic control station

3 units

Automatic finished product painting line TAISS (Italy)

Reinforced anticorrosive coating for underground installation

Our presence on the oil and gas markets requires that we offer top quality products. In turn, this requires constant search for and implementation of novel equipment and processes. In this context, Gusar invests heavily and consciously in upgrades to its manufacturing facilities.