Quality control

Product quality, customer service quality, strict observance of delivery times, quality packaging, and product delivery to the customer are the main components of Gusar's quality standards.

Gusar's quality assurance department has all necessary testing and monitoring equipment.

Equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing

Universal tension testing machine R-5

Impact pendulum testing machine IO-5003-0.3 P

Climatic cell TH-60

Stationary Brinell (TH 600) and Rockwell hardness (TH 300) gages


Ultrasonic flaw detectors UD 3-71, A 1214, MD 7

Spring tester TLS-S 1000 I

Image analysis station VESTRA Imaging System

Optical projector HT-50

Digital radiography station Phosphomatic-40 HPX-2

3 units

Unit SITE-X C3605/SCU286 (X-ray generator)

2 units

Unit SITE-X C2505/SCU286 (X-ray generator)

Incoming inspection

All incoming materials, parts, and components undergo full incoming inspection for compliance with:

  • Engineering documentation
  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical properties

Linear and operational control

In the manufacturing process, all parts undergo quality control for compliance with the engineering documentation and technical specifications. Daily checks of process discipline have allowed to achieve consistently high machining quality and minimize the reject rate.

The company operates an accredited NDT lab employing ultrasonic, capillary, acoustic emission, magnetic particle testing, gamma-ray examination, and other test methods.

Product testing

Gusar has 22 test stations.

100% of Gusar's output is tested for strength, density, and tightness

according to GOST 5762.

All products meet tightness class A in accordance with GOST 9544-93.

Upon request, the company's QC lab can conduct additional tests, e.g. QCT, £-phase, ultrasonic, acoustic emission tests, MPI, X-ray, and other examinations.

Labeling and documents

  • Nameplate
  • Datasheet and operation manual