The quality management system at Gusar complies with the international standard

ISO 9001:2008, STO Gazprom 9001-2012, and the US standard API.

  • QMS Certificate ISO 9001:2008 [download]
  • QMS Certificate STO Gazprom 9001-2012 [download]
  • QMS Certificate API Specification Q1 [download]

  • These systems are a tool of efficient management and are aimed at the continuous improvement of the company's operations. Internal audits serve to identify gaps and deviations in the operations, followed by analysis and corrective action, as well as follow-up audits.

    Documents evidencing product compliance with applicable standards are certificates or permits issued by independent certification companies holding appropriate licenses, as well as the authorized state bodies. All Gusar products have the required certificates and permits that are delivered to customers as part of a complete set of technical documentation ensuring correct and safe use of the product.

    • Certificate C-RU.AG92.B.22589 [download]
    • Industrial pipe valves: safety valves,
    • pneumatic control system.
    • Certificate C-RU.HO02.B.01804 [download]
    • Steel gate valves: wedge valves.
    • Certificate C-RU.HO02.B.01694 [download]
    • Control valves.
    • Certificate C-RU.HO02.B.01855 [download]
    • Stop valves DN 6; 10; 15; 20; 25; 32; 40, PN: 1.6; 2.5; 4.0; 6.3; 10.0; 16.0; 25.0 MPa,
    • manual and electrical control.
    • Certificate TC RU C-RU.HO02.B.00008 [download]
    • Slide valves DN 100-800, PN up to 8.0 MPa.
    • Certificate RU C-RU.HO02.B.00203 [download]
    • Steel wedge valves.
    • Certificate RU C-RU.HO02.B.00010 [download]
    • Ball valves DN 50-1200, PN 1.6-16.0 MPa
    • Certificate RU C-RU.HO02.B.00042 [download]
    • Check valves DN 50-1000, PN 1.6-8.0 MPa.
    • Certificate RU C-RU.HO02.B.00087 [download]
    • Wellhead and X-mas tree equipment.
    • Certificate RU C-RU.HO02.B.00009 [download]
    • Slide valves for X-mas and injection trees,
    • operating pressure 14.0; 21.0 and 35.0 MPa.
    • Permit from Gospromnadzor of Belarus 11-1-127-2013 [download]
    • Fire safety certificate SSBK RU.PB.N00248 [download]
    • Fire safety certificate NSOPB.RU.PR.135.2.N.00053 [download]