Authorized representatives

To expand the sales geography, Gusar has selected reliable partners among the major package supply companies. Dealer agreements have been signed with the most reliable and promising partners. All the companies listed below are Gusar's authorized representatives in Russia and CIS countries.

Dear customers,

The only way to protect yourself against counterfeiting (remember that your safety is on stake) is ordering directly from the manufacturer of pipe fittings or its authorized representative.

Please note that if Gusar products are sold by a third party that is not on the list of authorized dealers, but presents the authorized representative certificate, you have every reason to doubt the authenticity of the certificate. You can always contact Gusar for confirmation and request any information concerning the supplier's reliability.

     Gusevo Valve Plant Gusar denies any liability for products supplied by unauthorized third parties presenting fake certificates.

List of Gusar's authorized representatives in Russia and CIS: 

List of Gusar's authorized representatives in Russia and CIS:
  • ZAO KONAR, Lenina pr. 4B, Chelyabinsk 454085, Russia
    INN 7451064592, KPP 745201001 [download]
  • OOO Gusar Noviye Tekhnologii, Pudovkina ul. 4, Moscow 119285, Russia
    INN 7729483126, KPP 7729483126 [download]
  • ZAO AviaTAR, Novo-Sadovaya ul. 305a, Samara 443045, Russia
    INN 6318171263, KPP 6318171263 [download]

  • To expand the sales geography, Gusar invites partners in Russia and CIS.

    Authorized representative certificate

    Gusar cares not only about the quality of its products and services, but also the safety of its customers. For example, this year, Gusar introduced the unique new Authorized Representative Certificates printed by FSU Goznak. The certificates have Level B of authenticity protection - they bear watermarks with two types of protective fiber, hologram, microtext, unique serial number, and other protective elements

    The Authorized Representative Certificate authorizes the holder to sell products by Gusar in Russia and CIS, evidences the high quality of the pipe fittings and the fact that the product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.