The mission of Gusar

Becoming a driving force of the Russian valve engineering industry, while maintaining stringent social responsibility standards and protecting the environment, as well as creating favorable living conditions through the use of the most recent advances in technology, management, and economics.

The values of Gusar

  • Trust of customers and partners
  • Gusar is a reliable partner
  • Respect for employees, customers, professional achievements, and competitors
  • Use of state-of-the-art energy-saving technology
  • Social responsibility
  • The environment - our entire team takes care of it

Environmental policy

Gusar considers the environment and mitigating the negative environmental impact of its operations a key aspect of its business.

Gusar is focused on:
  • understanding and achieving environmental targets being set in Russia as a major part of its business;
  • becoming one of the Russian manufacturing companies consistently investing in protecting the environment;
  • applying advanced technology based on findings of feasibility studies;
  • awareness campaigns to promote the idea that the human is the main pillar of the environment;
  • full compliance with the environmental laws of the Russian Federation;
  • individual approach to each employee and qualitative improvement of working conditions;
  • control and reduction of energy consumption (heat, electricity, water);
  • minimization of emissions;
  • analysis of industrial wastes and, whenever possible, recycling the wastes;
  • using environmentally friendly materials and supplies.